Structural Waterproofing Contractors

Trace specialise in structural waterproofing contracting design and installation, covering a wide variety of structures and scenarios. We provide expert waterproofing contracting taking total responsibility for the waterproofing, controlling all aspects of it to ensure a successful outcome. We design, supply, install, guarantee, insure and maintain waterproofing in-house, so there are no split liabilities.

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Structural Waterproofing Contractors

New Build Waterproofing Contractors

Trace provide a comprehensive turn-key solution for New Build Structural Waterproofing Contractors. Our contractors design by CSSW qualified Designers, backed by professional indemnity insurance, installation by in-house skilled and trained operatives, we provide insured guarantees and in-house system maintenance to protect into the future. We provide a single point of responsibility for waterproofing. Learn more about our New Build Waterproofing Contractors here.

Trace have extensive experience in new construction contracting and also in addressing issues in new build basements on behalf of structural insurers. We have re-written technical guidance on behalf of insurers, changing the way that new build basement waterproofing is undertaken in the UK.

Structural Waterproofing Contractors to BS8102 standards

The principle design guide employed for basement waterproofing in the UK, Trace were one of only two Contractors serving on the update panel for the 2022 revision of the British Standard.

Structural Waterproofing Installation

The best Waterproofing design is only as good as those that install it. Trace staff undertake structural waterproofing work day in day out, and understand that we are providing an end result, not simply installing a material, there is a difference.

Qualified and Experienced Waterproofing Contractors

Trace's Contractors all hold CSSW, furthermore a CSSW examiner, a PCA registered Waterproofing Design Specialist (also vets candidates seeking to join that register). MRICS Chartered Surveyor - winner of CSSW award for highest exam marks. Designers include ex RAF Tornado propulsion & Navy nuclear submariner Engineers.

Basement Waterprofing Contractors

At Trace we are certainly passionate about the creation of awesome living spaces below ground, but we also understand the importance of delivering a space that will stay dry, backed by all of the necessary correspondence to deliver a return on the investment if and when the property is sold on.

Trace have been undertaking basement conversion work for 24 years as of 2022. Learn more about it here.

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Approved & Accredited Waterproofing Contractors

Listed Building Waterproofing Contractors

Grade 2 listed Manchester Stock Exchange Hotel, waterproofing by Trace completed in 2019.

We deal with listed buildings on behalf of private clients through to some of the largest estate owners in the UK.  In conservation waterproofing it is important to take a holistic view and balance advice within the British Standard (which in some respects is to design for the worst case), against conservation considerations where the ideal is to minimise disturbance and preserve character.  In our history we’re worked on 570+ listed buildings.

Read more about our Listed Building Waterproofing Contractors here.

We could not have successfully completed this project without a flexible and proactive contractor, able to continuously deliver results under pressure in what were often difficult working conditions. When issues arose Trace assisted wherever they could, including where those issues did not fall directly within their remit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trace to prospective clients”

‘Trace completed all of the works identified in the main building to a very high standard’. ‘All of the lads on site have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with you all.’

"Thank you so much for your generous and expert advice on how to cost effectively resolve the damp challenges at 422. Your guidance to our team has been great and given them the information and direction they need to get on with the job. Also thank you for linking us to your materials supplier so they can be sourced economically". *charity work*

422 Community Hub

"I think this is the best CDM installation I have ever seen. I have seen a lot. Everything about it is textbook. It is neat, tidy, straight, square…. Just perfect and the care and attention taken to fix the plugs to the exact centres ready for further trades is nothing less than a work of art. In addition to this, the site management is top-notch also. Everything about the project gives massive credit to Trace and all who worked on this project".

Newton Waterproofing

Dealing with Failed Waterproofing Systems

Not something our Structural Waterproofing Contractors hope anyone ever has to deal with, but if you should have requirement, then Trace have extensive experience investigating and developing remedial schemes to address complex issues, often where multiple previous attempts have fallen short.

A lot of our work in this field has been undertaken on behalf of structural insurance companies, dealing with structures less than ten years old. We also see and address issues with basement conversions often undertaken by non-specialist trades.

Learn more about how our waterproofing contractors can deal with failed waterproofing systems here.

Image is a particularly severe example, dry following Trace works completed in 2014 (we still maintain the system).

Deck Waterproofing - Podiums and Buried Roof's.

Podium decks or buried roofs are essentially a form of flat roof which resides above a basement. They can be formed in a variety of structures have a variety of build-ups laid above them, from earth and soft landscaping (buried), to tiling, paving and macadam.

The design of systems to protect these structures against water ingress is a highly specialised field. Our Structural Waterproofing Contractors have over ten years experience in deck waterproofing design and install.

Image is of a Polyurea deck waterproofing application to a 1,200m2 podium deck.

Award winning experts in dealing with problems of moisture in buildings. Est 1974.

Contractors for Waterproofing System Maintenance

Cavity drainage waterproofing systems must be designed and constructed to be maintainable, and where appropriately maintained, this ensures that they continue to function and protect for the longer term.

Our Waterproofing Contractors look after the Waterproofing System that we install for the long term, using in-house directly employed staff. This ensures peace of mind for our Clients that their systems.

Find out more about our Waterproofing system maintenance expertise here.

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