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Due to the number and variety of enquiries that we receive, we now offer clients several avenues by which we can progress your requirements.

1 - A Property Survey. We can attend your property to undertake an inspection, discuss your requirements, from which we will then write a detailed report with costs as necessary in respect of any works proposed. This is generally a chargeable service between £180 - £300 (NB: costs for Construction Professionals may be waived or increased depending on the input required). We are based near Manchester and our area is the North and parts of the Midlands.

2 - Provision of information. Send an email to with photographs of the space/area in question, a description and any dimensioned drawings, and your contact details.  We can often provide useful initial guidance up to detailed preliminary proposals and budget costs, or can otherwise advise how best to progress.  For newbuild waterproofing, .dwg files, Structural/Architectural designs and a copy of the site investigation report, assists greatly.  Desk study work of this nature, including reports and budget costs can typically be provided free of charge.

3 - Arrange a call. The ideal is to be provided with information as described above, and we can arrange a call to discuss this either via phone-call, MS Teams call, or Apple Facetime.  Clients are also more than welcome to attend our offices by appointment.

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We could not have successfully completed this project without a flexible and proactive contractor, able to continuously deliver results under pressure in what were often difficult working conditions. When issues arose Trace assisted wherever they could, including where those issues did not fall directly within their remit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trace to prospective clients”

‘Trace completed all of the works identified in the main building to a very high standard’. ‘All of the lads on site have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with you all.’

"Thank you so much for your generous and expert advice on how to cost effectively resolve the damp challenges at 422. Your guidance to our team has been great and given them the information and direction they need to get on with the job. Also thank you for linking us to your materials supplier so they can be sourced economically". *charity work*

422 Community Hub

"I think this is the best CDM installation I have ever seen. I have seen a lot. Everything about it is textbook. It is neat, tidy, straight, square…. Just perfect and the care and attention taken to fix the plugs to the exact centres ready for further trades is nothing less than a work of art. In addition to this, the site management is top-notch also. Everything about the project gives massive credit to Trace and all who worked on this project".

Newton Waterproofing

Approved & Accredited Waterproofing Contractors