Waterproofing Design Specialists

Waterproofing design is absolutely at the core of what we do. It is the first and most important step in achieving a successful outcome in basement waterproofing. The best installation and materials will not prevent issue if the waterproofing design is not correct. Trace take complete responsibility for the waterproofing design on any given project.

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Waterproofing Design Specialists

We provide specialists waterproofing solutions, on time and to budget

First established in 1974, we have now completed over 50,000 surveys and 18,000 projects. Our specialists waterproofing team has extensive knowledge and experience in successfully managing a wide range of projects, frequently where ‘live water’ is present. We have won 3 PCA ‘Project of the Year’ Awards; 2 CSRT awards, 1 CSSW award and benefit from an in-house MRICS Surveyor (Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) – there very few of these in the UK specialising solely in problems of moisture in buildings.

Commercial clients include numerous financial institutions, insurance companies, football clubs, top tier main contractors, councils, housing associations, Hospitals, Universities, Utilities companies, leading developers, Architecture Engineering and Surveying practices, major house builders and house-hold brands.

specialists waterproofing - Professional Indemnity

Trace carry £2.5m professional indemntiy insurance, allowing us to act as the 'Waterproofing Designer' on your design team and project.

Experienced waterproofing specialists

Trace has designed thousands of systems spanning more than twenty years, including many remedial systems paid for by insurers (NHBC etc). We understand how to design out risk.

Bespoke Design

All of our Experienced waterproofing specialists are competent in CAD and this is employed to create or tailor designs to suit any given configuration of structure. See our Arndale case study for an example of waterproofing design in a world-first scenario.

Approved & Accredited Waterproofing Contractors

Qualifications for Waterproofing Design Specialists

Within our team of waterproofing design specialists we have Certificated Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW), which is the baseline qualification for structural waterproofing required to design systems covered by many of the new-build structural warranty providers (NHBC, Premier Guarantees, LABC, ABC+ Warranty). One of our Directors is an examiner for that qualification and the other won the CSSW award, given to the candidate achieving highest marks in the year in which the exam was taken. Beyond this we have a PCA Registered Waterproofing Design Specialist, which is a higher standard requiring a professional interview to prove competency, and submissions of work evidencing detailed/bespoke design capability. We are also part of the panel which undertakes the interviews.

We could not have successfully completed this project without a flexible and proactive contractor, able to continuously deliver results under pressure in what were often difficult working conditions. When issues arose Trace assisted wherever they could, including where those issues did not fall directly within their remit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trace to prospective clients”

‘Trace completed all of the works identified in the main building to a very high standard’. ‘All of the lads on site have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with you all.’

"Thank you so much for your generous and expert advice on how to cost effectively resolve the damp challenges at 422. Your guidance to our team has been great and given them the information and direction they need to get on with the job. Also thank you for linking us to your materials supplier so they can be sourced economically". *charity work*

422 Community Hub

"I think this is the best CDM installation I have ever seen. I have seen a lot. Everything about it is textbook. It is neat, tidy, straight, square…. Just perfect and the care and attention taken to fix the plugs to the exact centres ready for further trades is nothing less than a work of art. In addition to this, the site management is top-notch also. Everything about the project gives massive credit to Trace and all who worked on this project".

Newton Waterproofing

A Comprehensive Waterproofing Specialist Offer - No Split Liabilities

In 2022 Trace conducted a survey of waterproofing industry professionals, to enable production of an article for the peer reviewed Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation.

95% of respondents had CSSW but across a range of backgrounds (Contractors, Independents and Materials Manufacturers) and we also captured responses from 98% of all PCA Registered Waterproofing Design Specialists.

Part of the question set included what people offer in relation to taking responsibility for the waterproofing design. Taking design responsibility requires professional indemnity (P.I.) insurance.

If you're not familiar with these terms, taking responsibility as a Waterproofing Designer, means that if you design something which does not work, for are liable for that. Professional indemnity insures designers and the advice that they provide. This protects the client if they end up with a failed outcome, so P.I. cover and design responsibility is a key facet of client protection, hence it is very important!

What we found is that many waterproofing industry professionals carry Professional Indemnity Insurance, but then do not accept design responsibility.
Waterproofing Manufacturer Professional Indemnity
An extract from our article, illustrating the variation in materials manufacturer professional indemnity cover.

This is therefore a potentially confusing scenario. You can have a 'Waterproofing Design Specialist', which is the wording used in BS8102 (British Standard for Waterproofing), but you then need someone else (a Waterproofing Designer) to take actual responsibility.

The point we make is that we always take design responsibility for what we install. There is no ambiguity or split liability (one party responsible for design, another for installation) where you employ Trace. This is best for client, main contractors, and the rest of the design team.

Award winning experts in dealing with problems of moisture in buildings. Est 1974.

Experienced Specialists in Waterproofing Design

Trace have specialised in waterproofing design since the 1980's, today we look at everything from residential cellars to retrofit basements below gardens, to podium decks, buried roofs and four storey deep commercial basements. If you have a requirement, why not send information via email or complete the form on our contact us page:

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