Timber Repair of Listed and Historic buildings

Trace specialise in the repair of historic and listed timber frame structures, we can provide a turn-key solution. We survey and assess the extent of damage, we design appropriate repairs in line with Client and Conservation Officer requirements, and then we complete the repairs.  

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Trace are experienced at repairing timber in historic and listed buildings

The majority of our structural timber work is in listed buildings, and working with local heritage Architects, Consultants and Conservation Officers, we can completely restore severely decayed timber frame structures and constituent parts such as wattle and daub.  In our history we’ve worked on 560+ listed buildings, including one of our award wins for listed structural timber repair.

The example opposite, is a truss in a church which was specified for complete replacement in a Structural Engineers report. Using timber resin splice techniques, Trace were able to save most of the historic timber.

Award winning repairs

Trace were awarded PCA Project of the Year for a scheme involving the restoration of a timber framed wattle & daub structure. The building gained listed status part way through the project, and Trace managed the work - a mixture of traditional and modern timber repairs, through to completion.


Trace's principal timber Surveyor is a Chartered Building Surveyor and member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, in addition to a TRADA (timber research and development association) qualified timber strength grader.


Trace have completed repairs on timbers subject to dendrochronological (tree ring) analysis, identifying the timbers as being felled in AD1476.

Forms of Timber Repair

At Trace we can complete a variety of repairs to suit a buildings specific needs or requirements of Conservation Officers, from traditional splice repairs to more modern resin techniques and/or metal plate repairs. Repairs can be completed to most structural members including:

  • Rafters/Ridge
  • Purlins/Truss members
  • Wallplate
  • Bearer Beams
  • Bressummer Beams
  • Joists
  • Timber Frame; Walls; Posts/Rails

Historical timber repair methods

In the UK we have a small range of historical repair methods in use today by building contractors, who largely prefer to rip out the entire original timber and replace it with steel. Repairs can allow much of the original timbers to be retained, often only decayed at bearing ends or joints. We have completed many of the following repairs to structural members on Listed buildings:

  • Complete replacement
  • Traditional splicing; Scarfed Repairs
  • Splicing matching timber repair; hidden connecting rods resin fixed
  • Solid poured Resin Repairs
  • Timer Frame Joint Repair
  • Strength upgrade (modified Flitch)
  • Dugout’ Repairs
  • Reinforcement (Resin & Bars)

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External timber frames

To some extent, assessing each individual piece of timber, particularly to external frames, some degrade, and loss of section can be established, so a balanced view of trying to retain as much as possible over perfection or new timbers needs to be considered.

We’re experts in structural waterproofing with over 45+ years of experience.

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We could not have successfully completed this project without a flexible and proactive contractor, able to continuously deliver results under pressure in what were often difficult working conditions. When issues arose Trace assisted wherever they could, including where those issues did not fall directly within their remit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trace to prospective clients”

‘Trace completed all of the works identified in the main building to a very high standard’. ‘All of the lads on site have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with you all.’

"Thank you so much for your generous and expert advice on how to cost effectively resolve the damp challenges at 422. Your guidance to our team has been great and given them the information and direction they need to get on with the job. Also thank you for linking us to your materials supplier so they can be sourced economically". *charity work*

422 Community Hub

"I think this is the best CDM installation I have ever seen. I have seen a lot. Everything about it is textbook. It is neat, tidy, straight, square…. Just perfect and the care and attention taken to fix the plugs to the exact centres ready for further trades is nothing less than a work of art. In addition to this, the site management is top-notch also. Everything about the project gives massive credit to Trace and all who worked on this project".

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