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Trace became involved in this scheme at an early stage and produced the design, progressing this through to installation, fitting a comprehensive 'combined protection' waterproofing systerm to this ten storey hotel building.

Hotel Football

Complex design spanning four split levels

Design included a broad range of Type A tanking and Type B materials

Includes comprehensive internal cavity drainage to ensure a dry environment

Treated space adjoins the Bridgewater canal

The Property

The structure is cut back into the site upon which it is located, with higher ground levels along the front / roadway side, which then drop down along each side towards canal level at the rear, this resulting in earth retaining substrates on three sides.

The main retaining wall structure was formed in contiguous piles with capping beam over and at lower level a reinforced concrete suspended slab, also bearing onto piles.



Design & installation

Contiguous piles do not provide a continuous structure, and so they will not provide resistance to the penetration of water. Trace proposed the inclusion of an internal Type C cavity drainage system, however these are reliant upon the structure providing resistance to groundwater.

As a result the piles recieved a spray applied concrete facing, and Trace detailed this against the reinforced concrete slab to exclude water.

The reinforced concrete slab received a post applied in-depth crystalline treatment, before the whole retaining structure was protected by the cavity drainage system.

We still maintain the sump pump systems here as we do for all of our clients.



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