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Design and installation of structural waterproof basement systems

Trace Basement Systems specialise in the design and installation of structural waterproof basement systems, and this includes within new construction.

What we offer is to totally take over the responsibility for the waterproof basement design (backed by £5m professional indemnity insurance), then providing installation (backed by £5m product liability insurance), then with systems maintained and guaranteed by Trace Basement Systems, with guarantees insured via FSA regulated insurance co. GPI Insurance.

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We offer total protection under a single roof.  Many of our competitors do not carry this insurance, which ultimately protects our clients.

On a given newbuild basement scheme, Trace Basement Systems will provide a suitably experienced and professionally qualified basement waterproofing designer, who will produce proposals in line with the guidance provided within the appropriate design guides (BCA waterproofing design guide / BS8102 / Basements for Dwellings).

Waterproof Basement Systems - ManchesterOur waterproof basement designer becomes part of the design team, initially working with the project Architect & Engineer to integrate our system into their designs for the structure & layout, then also liaising with other specialists (i.e. M&E designers/Pool contractors) and the main contractor, managing the installation of our system through to completion.

The recent 2009 update to British Standard 8102 includes a section titled ‘Design Team’, which states that ‘a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproof basement system is created.  The waterproofing specialist should:
a) be suitably experienced
b) be capable of devising solutions that accommodate the various project constraints and needs;
c) provide the design team with information and guidance that assists with and influences the design, installation and future maintenance of the waterproofed basement structure.

This is exactly what we do, and have done for many years prior to the release of the updated BS8102.

Waterproof Basement Systems - ManchesterThis service is somewhat unique in comparison to the traditional route by which waterproofing/tanking is included in many new structures, and to better understand what we offer, it is worth considering an example of what may occur with the more commonly employed procurement routes.

Such a process might involve production of a waterproof basement system by the project Architect or Engineer, who may obtain assistance from a product manufacturer in respect of how to employ their particular products, which often involves the use of standard or typical detail drawings.  Once the design is produced, it may be passed to the main contractor who purchases and installs the products.

In the worst case, this might imply the production of a waterproof basement system by parties without the appropriate experience or knowledge of waterproof basement system guides & standards, using typical details which may not be appropriate for a given site, with the system then being installed by labour with little or no experience of using those products.

In the event of an issue, there are potential split liabilities since you have design undertaken by one party and installation by another, also with a product supplier & product guarantees thrown into the equation.

Waterproof Basement Systems - ManchesterIn many cases, basement waterproofing failure occurs a number of years after completion, by which time properties are fully finished and occupied, meaning that the waterproof basement system is often concealed from inspection, (particularly where systems are installed externally).

In such cases questions are asked as to whether failure is as a result of design, workmanship or product failure.  Product manufacturers, although often providing standard details, typically include disclaimers in respect of design, this leaving the designers and installers to argue over liability, and ultimately the client has to suffer the inconvenience of water penetration (and sometimes legal battles) while matters are settled.

Ultimately, all parties concerned lose out.  It is unfortunately a nightmare situation and one that we see over and over again.  Some of our best clients (Architects, Engineers & Contractors), are those that have some experience of basement waterproofing or tanking failure, which we have subsequently remedied.  Often they go on to use us on every single waterproofing project encountered after such experiences.

Such situations need not occur in the first place.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a Waterproof Basement System for your house.

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