Saving our client £130,000 on a replacement staircase. Princess House, Manchester

Clever structural timber repairs saved this failing five storey timber staircase from being replaced with a steel equivalent, saving the client over £100k on replacement with a new steel staircase

A Major Refurbishment Project

Failed timber staircase as a result of timber decay

The stairs were moving (dropping) and no longer safe

Structural repairs were designed to lift and signifcantly strengthen

Replacement steel stairs over five storeys quoted at £100+

The Property

The wider project was a full refurbishment and conversion to apartments/commercial space, within a five storey (includeing basement) Manchester city centre building of historic brick construction.

TMT Group

Timber Decay made the Stairs Unsafe

Some of the bearer beams of the landings had decayed, causing the stairs to substantially move and drop, to the point that the stairs were no longer safe and usable. This photo illustrates the treaders pulling out of the stair stringer.

Trace, working with the Structural Engineers, implemented timber resin splice works to repair the existing bearer beams, and strengthening works to all timber members.

Because the stairs had dropped, they had to be lifted back up into position, and then secured in place.

Trace timber repairs brought the stairs back into a safe and ‘true’ position.  The cost of replacing in new steel would be £130k over and above, what was invested in our repairs.

Jacking the structure back into position.
Bringing treaders and risers back into position.

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