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Trace Basements & Remedial Services are waterproofing contractors and have been providing the highest level expertise to Timber Repair and Buildings Waterproofing for 50 years this year!

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From Damp Proofing to Basement Waterproof Design and Much More

What began as a family business is still a family business. In 1974, George and Julia Hockey created a thriving damp proofing company. It became the specialist timber repair and waterproofing contractor you see today, continuing to support, protect and preserve new and old buildings.

Trace combines its deep-seated family roots with a progressive approach to waterproofing, damp protection and building preservation.

Knowledge, Experience and Innovation

Alongside working in their business, George and Julia taught building preservation at Oldham College and set up landmark consumer protection GPI (guarantee protector insurance) schemes. As Chairman of the Property Care Association, George helped establish the CSSW professional waterproofing qualification.

Now, George and Julia’s sons, James and David, run Trace, delivering exceptional damp proofing and innovative basement waterproof design.Before joining the family business, James worked in America, gaining expert knowledge of the basement waterproofing industry and technology, while David, a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, worked in private practice.Drawing on their experience and under their guidance, Trace has continued to advance, offering an unparalleled specialist technical knowledge of waterproofing in construction.

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