Manchester Lamborghini Maserati Dealership

Super waterproofing for supercars. External waterproofing undertaken in December to a tight timescale, sucessfully by Trace.

Lamborghini / Maserati & - Waterproofing Design Specialist case study

Extension to an existing Lamborghini showroom to create a new Maserati showroom.

Extension required deep excavation to form new foundations exposing an existing retaining wall.

Trace were asked to renew the existing tanking system as a precaution during the works.

Works undertaken in December to a tight programme.

The Property

During the course of this project the existing retaining wall tanking was exposed and then questioned by project consultants.  We were approached by the groundworker and asked to assess and make proposals which lead to the wall being comprehensively re-tanked externally, before being protected with a geodrainage membrane.

December isn’t an ideal time to be installing external tanking systems, certainly any which are reliant on curing (drying out), because cold temperatures result in high relative humidity, and the implication of this is that air cannot hold much moisture, and many materials do not dry quickly, with the risk then being that they are then detrimentally affected by rain or frost.



The solution

We specified a spray applied bitumen rubber based material (massively elastic), and mixed with a catalyst as it exits the spray lance nozzle, which cures immediately upon application. This meant that installation was completed in a short timeframe and could be covered over within 24 hours.

A quick turn-around and quality installation, designed and implemented by the Waterproofing Design Specialists at Trace.

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