Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Structural Repairs - PCA Project of the Year

To our knowledge, the resin splice repairs which we have devised for this project, have not ever been completed previously, and are innovative in timber structures of this type.

Roof Repairs Expose Decay in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Structural CLT timbers suffering both wet and dry rot

A number of causes of ingress were suspect

Project consultants and the Principal Contractor sought a strategy for repair and approached Trace

Trace devised new repair methods using our experience in timber resin splice (TRS) repairs

Trace worked with TRADA (timber research and development association) to verify extent of decay

All repairs subject to staged QA process with full QA documentation produced by Trace for O&M manual

The Property

Trace were asked to inspect a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure, where the walls and roof consist of pre-fabricated panels, providing an environmentally sustainable building.  

A principal contractor was instructed to undertake roof repairs, and upon removal of the roof covering, it became apparent that timber members had both wet and dry rot present.

At this stage, the Principal Contractor and Structural Engineer had no strategy for repair, and Trace were asked to advise.

We employed our specialist knowledge of structural timber repair, using both traditional and modern resin splice methods to provide proposals and agree the specification.

It is important to note, that to our knowledge, the resin splice repairs which we have devised, have not everbeen completed previously, and are innovative in timber structures of this type.  Localised issues could not have been successfully remedied by generalist contractors (it would have required wider replacement), and Trace’s specialist knowledge was vital within both the specification and completion of these works.

Methodology had to be agreed with the Engineers, Principal Contractor, and furthermore the Timber Research and Development Association were asked to consult, specifically validating the extent of decay and resultant extent of timber cut out.  

Trace completed all of the works identified in the main building to a very high standard, All of the lads on site have been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with you all

Quality Assured with TRACE

Trace produced detailed Quality Assurance documentation, with each stage of each repair being photographed, a QA sheet completed to sign off each stage, and this is all recorded within an O&M manual prepared by Trace.  

We are extremely pleased with the outcome on this project, the nature of the structure provided the main challenge but we were able to repair it sucessfully. We are also delighted that this project earned our fourth PCA Project of the Year award, in a highly contested field of our peers.

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