Flood protection in a Cheshire Mill.

Flood protection in a Cheshire Mill.

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Sometimes we design for the out of the ordinary. One such case involved dealing with a converted mill building on a flood plain, this including flooding within an external courtyard area, a ground floor apartment and internal communal areas.

In the internal communal areas we installed resilient finishes and decorative gullies, with new drainage runs recessed below the floor, linking to an unused swimming pool, into which we installed pumps (pool essentially acting as attenuation).

In the external courtyard we installed a large single mains powered pump (Newton CP750) moving circa 20,000 litres per hour, very much on a best endeavours basis to deal with a degree of water but obviously advising that if the river really comes up it is not going to do a lot. We also installed localised tanking details on door thresholds to limit ingress on such vulnerable positions.

So yesterday (29.7.2019) they had the worst flooding that they've experienced, so much so that it has damaged the bridge on the access road.

Pumps within the apartment received water but just worked and pumped out every 7-15 minutes. Water accessed the communal areas but slowly, and this drained into the pool where it was removed by the pumps.

The pump in the external courtyard kept up for a time but this was eventually overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water.

All in all the system has performed as designed, they've had the worst flooding that they've experienced without suffering damage.  I would hope that they've solved the difficulties of obtaining insurance that they previously reported.  #waterproofing

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