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Waterproofing System Maintenance – What to Know:

Trace Basement Systems attends each of our installations on an annual basis to check and service those installations, so that the environments we create are maintained and protected in the long term.

This means dry basements that stay dry.  You can see an excerpt of the work undertaken during system service in the information provided below.

All of our clients are contacted by Trace on an annual basis to make the arrangements, meaning a hassle free service for those that choose to use Trace Basement Systems.

showimageThe protection provided by maintenance is:–
• firstly, the basement or cellar stays dry,
• secondly your Trace guarantee is protected,
• thirdly if you take out GPI insurance on our guarantee, your insurance remains valid.
• Clients also receive paperwork demonstrating the service history (necessary in the event of a claim on GPI insurance and beneficial when selling on a property).

We know that a lot of drained protection waterproofing is installed by our competitors (large and small), where systems are not being serviced, meaning:
• Risk of dilapidation and water penetration in the long term.
• If a contractor’s original paperwork advises the client that maintenance is required, and it does fail, there may be difficulty in claiming under a guarantee.
• If the client has GPI insurance and the waterproofing fails when the contractor is no longer trading, they may have difficulty in claiming on GPI unless they can prove that the system has been maintained. 

We are also aware that some of our competitors rely on third party companies to undertake maintenance; however we will never do this because:
• We cannot control quality when using independent third parties
• We take full responsibility for the waterproofing, if a third party services a system insufficiently and causes an issue, who is liable?  We would rather avoid such situations in the first instance, rather than leaving our clients exposed to potential risk.
• Every design is different and to fully maintain a system, one should fully understand what is there.

showimageWe would always recommend that a client goes back to the original installer for maintenance, or seeks reassurance in writing that third party maintenance will not invalidate guarantees. 

If you have any questions, please call.  If you do wish for Trace to maintain your system, and understand the full implications of the above, please see here.

PS: British Standard 8102 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, highlights the need for system service with drained protection waterproofing and the requirements of the designer to advise the client of this, and any implications if they do not comply.