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Manchester Basement Conversion Firms stuck in the 90′s

I just wrote a post on my www.basementwaterproofingexpert.co.uk blog relating to discussions with a local supplier, who advised me that Manchester basement conversion firms are building in risk to systems by omitting battery back-up, this on the basis that clients … Continue reading

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Failed Tanking and Broken Business Models

Another post on my http://basementwaterproofingexpert.co.uk/ blog. This post relates to the numerous failed cementitious slurry tanking systems that we deal with and the fact that in many cases, these are installed by non-specialist contractors backed by suppliers that provide an … Continue reading

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The Déjà Vu Basement Conversion that Lost the Sale / £25k Property Value.

This is a link to a basement conversion related article that I’ve just published on my blog at www.basementwaterproofingexpert.co.uk http://basementwaterproofingexpert.co.uk/2014/10/31/the-deja-vu-basement-conversion-that-lost-the-sale-25k-property-value/  

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They always come around in the end, ultimately, everybody will.

We’ve just signed off on remedial works addressing failed external tanking in a series of houses where the homeowners were initially (and understandably), very resistant to the concept of cavity drainage waterproofing.  For the uninitiated, cavity drainage involves the use … Continue reading

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Hockey’s Heirarchy of Waterproofing: Design > Installation > Product

Recently, I’ve had a couple of informal conversations with contractors and specifiers in relation to waterproofing products, where we discussed the role of third party product accreditation such as BBA, and in one case I was asked for an opinion … Continue reading

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Clients that get it.

When dealing with waterproofing and basement design, there are typically options in respect of the methods or ‘types’ of system that could be selected, with the objective of creating a dry basement which stays dry in the long term. Different systems provide different … Continue reading

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Why do so many people have waterproofing problems, could it be that it’s not being designed & installed properly?

In the last month 21 people have visited our website, inputting search terms suggesting that they have problems in their basement, and we are but one company in an industry of many.  Some examples being: “basement tanking failure” “waterproofing failing” … Continue reading

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Drained Protection Waterproofing & Under Floor Heating (Pic).

Photo showing how clip rails can be used to install under-floor heating systems over waterproofing membranes. Continue reading

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Fixing what resin injection waterproofing fails to fix.

Starting a job today which involves catching high level water penetration in a concrete car-park, and diverting it to a safe location using drainage membranes.  A previous repair was attemtped using resin injection, however this did not stop the penetration, … Continue reading

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