PCA, GPI, Trustmark, BWPDA, Basement Information Centre.

Who we belong to, why, and the awards that we have won.



Each year Basement Systems USA presents an award (The British Cup) to the  UK Basement Systems Contractor, that has installed more systems than any other.  We have won this award every year for the last twelve years.

Trade Organisations:

showimageProperty Care Association (PCA) – formerly the BWPDA (British Wood Preservation Dampproofing Association).

The PCA is a trade body representing companies operating in the fields of structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp proofing and structural maintenance.  The organisation was established in 1930 as the British Wood Preserving Association (BWPA), Then becoming the BWPDA (British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association) in 1989, Then moving with times and its expanding membership, become the Property Care Association in 2006.

We have a long standing relationship with the PCA, becoming members of what was the BWPA in 1980.  Our Managing Director was the Chairman of the Property Care Association in 2006/7 (being instrumental in its reincarnation as PCA), Vice Chairman 2004/5 and a Board Member for 3 years.

We continue to be involved in the association, showcasing recent projects in the PCA ‘Property Care’ association magazine, and also via James Hockey’s involvement as an examiner for the PCA run CSSW (Certificate in Surveying for Structural Waterproofing) qualification.

More recently David Hockey was recognised by the PCA, winning the 2009 CSRT (Certificate in Surveying for Remedial Treatments) award, given to the highest achieving candidate each year.

We hold the PCA in high regard because they are a proactive association with a long standing history run by property professionals.  Member companies are periodically audited, this including inspections both on-site and within the office, and while this is no guarantee of quality, it is much more (proactive) than some other trade associations we have experience of.

Perhaps a mark of the significance of PCA membership is the number of unscrupulous contractors that surreptitiously use the PCA logo within their advertising, without being members (those masquerading are sought out and redressed by PCA).  Certain fields that we are involved with (damp proofing particularly), suffer from such ‘rogue traders’ and wherever you see such companies being prosecuted by the Office of Fair Trading, the Property Care Association are likely involved.


The Basement Information Centre (TBIC).
showimageEstablished in 1992 as the Basement Development Group under the auspices of the British Cement Association, The Basement Information Centre is now an independent information resource promoting basements in the UK to homeowners and property professionals alike.

TBIC covers a wide range of activities including but not limited to:
promotion of basement development (i.e. newbuild), basement conversion and retrofit, consideration of design, planning, construction and workmanship, production of guidance documents aimed at simplifying design and improving the performance and reliability of basement construction.

We are also heavily involved in The Basement Information Centre, with James Hockey being an active member on the TBIC Technical Marketing Committee, formed of contractor, manufacturer and independent waterproofing experts.  (Three members of the TBIC committee were on the panel of the 2009 update to British Standard 8102 Code of practice for protection for structures against water from the ground, including the TBIC Director who chaired the BS8102 update panel).


showimageTrace are GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance) approved contractors, read more about GPI here.


You can read about individual staff memberships HERE.


showimageBS EN 1SO:9001
Held since 1991, this confirms our commitment to quality.  To our knowledge we were the first company of our type to achieve this within the remedial industry.
As a PCA member, Trace are licensed under the government’s Trustmark scheme.  See http://www.trustmark.org.uk/key-benefits
Trace hold a RIBA approved CPD presentation, which you can read more about here.
labcLANTAC & Local Authority Building Control Partnering.
The system employed by Trace holds a Local Authority (Building Control) National Type Approval Certificate, no 340-12-7128.


Trace Basement Systems are registered with the LABC Partner Authority Scheme (PAS), partnering with High Peak Building Control Services.  The scheme is designed to help companies operating in multiple locations, by allowing applications to be processed by a preferred Local Authority, who provide advice and plan appraisal, while the site inspections are undertaken by the Local Authority wherever each project is carried out.

As a result both Trace and our clients benefit from a quicker more simplified process and consistent approach, provided through a single point of contact.  Note that while we are partnered, we often work with trusted partners (consultants) to manage such processes.

To our knowledge, Trace Basement Systems are the first Contractor of our type in the country entering in to the LABC partnership scheme.


Trace have worked for or advised 26 out of the ‘Contract Journal Top 100 UK Construction Companies’ (2009 figures), including 4 out of the top five firms.  We met the prequalification requirements of the largest construction company in the UK (by Contract Journals figures), and would anticipate that we are well placed to comply with most, if not all main contractor requirements.  If you require sub-contract qualification information from us, please enquire.