Waterproofing & Damp Proofing is a Family Tradition.

George Hockey C.S.R.T.

georgeGeorge started the company in 1974 and remains at the forefront of our building preservation and structural waterproofing activities.  Some background on George:
• Chairman of Guaranteed Protection Trust Ltd. (GPT), and a Board Member of GPT/GPI for 17 years in total.  See more about GPI in our Guarantees section.

• He is a Financial Services Authority (FSA) ‘Approved Person’, vetted by FSA and approved to sell insurances in the UK.

• Implemented the original CRDS* & CTIS* qualifications, course and examination in the North of England, also covering Scotland, and lectured on this for several inaugural years.  *(Now a unified qualification under CSRT, which is Certificate in Surveying for Remedial Treatments).

• Chairman of the Property Care Association (PCA) 2006/7 during which time recognition was given to the need for a Structural Waterproofing qualification (*CSSW), was Vice Chair 2004/5 and a Board Member for 3 years. With others, he was instrumental in developing and implementing the CSSW course and examination. His commitment is such that for many years he taught college courses to the industry in addition to marking examinations.  *CSSW – Certificate in Surveying for Structural Waterproofing.

Apart from being recognised as extremely capable in diagnosing and dealing with problems of general dampness and rot in buildings, George is best known throughout the industry for being the first contractor in the UK to use and effectively market the WaterGuard Drainage Channel invented and made by the pioneer Larry Janesky of Basement Systems in the USA, a system that all of the leading membrane suppliers in the UK have now copied because the system is so capable.

James Hockey BA (Hons), C.S.R.T., C.S.S.W.

jamesJames deals mainly with structural waterproofing projects, specialising in new-build basement waterproofing, and the diagnosis and remediation of tanking or waterproofing failure within recently constructed properties.

Although not actively practicing on the building preservation side of the business, James won the Property Care Association C.S.R.T. award, which is awarded to the candidate achieving the highest marks in these examinations in a given year.  James also now serves as a viva voce examiner for the C.S.S.W. qualification.

James serves on the Basement Information Centre Technical & Marketing Committee.  The Basement Information Centre (TBIC) was originally set up by the British Cement Association to promote basements in the UK, but is now an independent organisation.  Committee work involves provision of input into updating waterproofing design guides (i.e. BS8102 (2009), BCA Waterproofing Design Guide), in addition to promotion of the organisation.

James also provides CPD talks on structural waterproofing and has spoken to a wide variety of organisations including practices of Architects, Engineers, Local Authority Building Control Depts. and Universities, also speaking to waterproofing Contractors in the USA while working in Connecticut.

David Hockey BSc (Hons) MRICS, C.S.R.T, C.S.SW.

Qualifying as a chartered Building Surveyor in 2005, David spent five years in private practice (one year prior to achieving RICS membership) before joining the business at the start of 2009, and now specialises in building preservation works, much of which is investigated on behalf of other Professionals.  To our knowledge, David is the only RICS Surveyor in the country specialising solely in timber preservation, damp proofing and waterproofing.

David also won the 2009 Property Care Association, formerly  BWPDA, CSRT award, which is awarded to the candidate achieving the highest marks in these examinations in a given year.  He achieved a credit in each of the three modules, which is a rare feat, and received the award at the PCA AGM Dinner at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

David has since also won the 2010 Property Care Association CSSW award for the highest marks in the year, again achieving credit, for waterproofing design.

We are informed that in winning the awards for both CSRT and CSSW, he achieved the HIGHEST EVER marks across the subjects in the history of BWPDA/PCA.

With his experience of being a Chartered Building Surveyor he has brought to Trace the ability to present his reports in the same manner and format that  Chartered Surveyors do, a factor that is winning him custom, with this developing in the diagnosis and expert witness fields. We have mapped out a series of other specialist training courses for him over the coming years so that he, as his brother James is with waterproofing, will be recognised in the damp and rot field as truly expert.

Along with James, David already undertakes guest lectures for university students, including Surveyors, Engineers and Architects, and having gone through such courses himself, is able to provide truth, best and practical advice to them.

 david  showimage

David receives the award from Charlie Barwick of Yell Group, one of the evenings sponsors.

Dr. Janice Carey of the BRE, the Chief Examiner for the CSRT examinations.