Areas Covered Trace Basement Systems, Trace Remedial Building Services

We are based near Manchester, but have the ability to undertake work Nationwide, and do so a great deal..

Although we are primarily focused on the North of England, at the time of writing (August 2010) we are advising on and working in properties across the country. The map below illustrates some of our ongoing projects (in addition to our location near Manchester).


While travelling must be sensible, in that we would not necessarily travel several hundred miles to undertake a small (i.e. £200.00) damp-proofing scheme, many clients choose to use Trace over more local competitors or other national firms with local offices, because of our proven expertise and quality of work.

Although we often operate at the National level, we choose not to open local offices, or to aqcuire existing businesses as a means of geographical expansion, which is a strategy sometimes adopted within our industry.

We take a different approach.

We know that structural waterproofing design can be complex (whether it be for new construction, basement conversion or addressing tanking failure) and that many of the failed systems which we do address are specifically as a result of inadequate design consideration.

Where such problems do occur, particularly in the case of failure in residential / habitable basement spaces, the consequences of failure are typically dire, having significant impact on the owners or users of that space.

We focus to a great degree on the production and execution of well informed and considered designs, so that we provide right first time solutions – every time.

While there are now qualifications in place for structural waterproofing surveying, which provide a good foundation level of knowledge, this does not not necessarily prepare individuals to undertake waterproofing design in all situations.

Much of our work involves addressing complex problems in structural waterproofing design & installation, and indeed we also consider the fact that we offer long term protection and guarantee on the systems that we install.

In light of the above, we specifically choose to undertake all of our design work in a single office location where we can excercise close control over the quality of the designs produced and maximise the benefit of our combined experiences, in various fields of waterproroofing which one cannot always simply study for.

Ultimately we feel that this results in higher quality work (lower risk solutions), which is what we must provide to our clients without exception.

If you are at a distance from our head office, although we may not always be in a position to help you, we would not discourage you from contacting us, since we are happy to simply advise as this often results in recommendations, which is how much of our work comes to us.