Specifier / Contractor Protection (Waterproofing Guarantees & Insurances)

Protecting clients is perhaps the single most important aspect of what we do, and this includes the specifiers and contractors that we work with.

Scenario 1:

You’re an Architect/Engineer; you don’t know the British Standard 8102 in intricate detail and design a residential basement with waterproofing which appears suitable for the scheme, but this does not strictly comply with BS8102.  The structure is built; water penetration occurs resulting in an unhappy client and a claim on your P.I. insurance, which then pays for a remedial waterproofing system by Trace.

Not uncommon.

Scenario 2:

As above, but you rely on a manufacturers standard detail.  The design is not appropriate for the particular site/scheme and the basement suffers water penetration.  There is a disclaimer on the standard detail advising that the manufacturer does not take design responsibility, and that proposals must be signed off by the design team.  Who pays for the remedial work?  P.I. Claim?

Not unheard of.

Scenario 3:

You are a building contractor and trade on your longstanding proven reputation.  You construct a residential basement, including waterproofing using standard details or the Architect/Engineers design, and the space subsequently suffers water penetration.  The manufacturer advises that they have a BBA certificate/technical approval, and that the system works when designed/installed correctly.  Questions are asked of your workmanship, but the system is external or trapped/concealed within the structure and cannot be inspected.  Who pays for the remedial work?  The client is in limbo, and so are you.

Not uncommon either.

Scenario 4:

A residential basement is constructed with external tanking that fails during construction.  As a remedial measure, internal tanking is specified and installed, before the space is fit out and finished.  All is thought to be well, however the space then floods.  It is not possible to determine the point of ingress, as the actual structure is concealed behind dry linings and beneath insulation/screed.  To obtain certainty in respect of the point of penetration, the space has to be stripped out fully, and Trace are employed to install waterproofing system #3.

We have several examples of this situation encountered within the last year, where Trace is ‘third in’ to address waterproofing failure.

Such scenario’s (which we see regularly) need not occur, and while our involvement in remedying failed waterproofing assists in paying the bill’s, it is generally a nightmare situation for other parties concerned.  

We would rather be waterproofing structures in the first instance, as opposed to fixing them when they fail.

Indeed, many of our best clients (those that use us on every waterproofing project they are involved in), have experienced a failed tanking/waterproofing scenario so appreciate the implications, then  employing Trace Basement Systems on future schemes to avoid suffering such scenarios again.

We design, install, maintain, guarantee and insure systems.  We take total responsibility for the structural waterproofing on a project and manage our works from design to completion.  If you want protection, please speak to us.

We carry higher insurances than any other contractor of our type, and furthermore, the recent update to British Standard 8102 (2009) Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, includes a section on the ‘Design Team’, and it states ‘A waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created’.

There is even a case for involving us in the British Standard.

For full detail of our guarantee protection & insurances, see our page here, but in summary:

• Our designs are backed by £5m professional indemnity insurance (more cover than any other basement contractor in the UK)

• Our installation (workmanship) is backed by £5m product liability cover
• Trace guarantees are insured through FSA regulated GPI guarantee insurance.

• WITH THE WHOLE WATERPROOFING INDUSTRY HAVING FOLLOWED OUR LEAD IN BASEMENT WATER CONTROL EFFECTIVELY MARKETING AND USING WATERGUARD, we are recognised as the market leader in structural waterproofing design, and are a family business with a trading history commencing 1974.