About Us, Trace Basement Systems, Trace Remedial Building Services

The following pages under ‘About Us’ provide information on who and what we are:

However, in a nutshell we are:

  • Over 36 years in business (Est. 1974).
  • A family firm in ownership, operation and outlook.
  • Grown organically through expansion, not through aqcuisition.
  • A £2m+ turnover designer/contractor organisation (this is all our own work – we do not subcontract specialist works).
  • A leader in the field of Structural Waterproofing design.
  • The most insured contractor of our type in the UK.
  • Working nationally with a unique approach.
  • We have never gone bump, sold the business, closed down and restarted.  We are a stable long term operation.

We have:

  • Treated over 17,000 properties for a wide variety of issues related to problems of moisture in buildings.
  • One of, if not the most qualified team of specialist waterproofing designers in the UK.
  • An average staff tenure of 11 years plus (site and office).

Our values:

Technical Expertise - we take a design focused approach in everything we do.

Personal and Professional Service - borne of our family focus serving those that work with us and those we work for.

Workmanship - both in design and installation, a product of our experience, understanding and long-standing work-force.

Trust - Our clients make long term investments based on our advice and work.  We are here to protect those investments.